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A Marriage

A marriage makes two fractional lives a whole, it gives two purposeless lives a work and doubles the strength of each to perform it.

It gives to two questioning natures a reason for living and something to live for.

It will give new gladness to the sunshine, a new fragrance to the flowers, a new beauty to the earth and a new mystery to life

- Mark Twain.

Your Wedding Day

This most important ritual - this heartfelt ceremony -should express to your family and friends, your love for one another in the now and as you intend to love together in the future.

Creative thinking

Is my skill to work with you to develop the wedding of your dreams.

Naming Day


I'll tickle your toes

I'll check for monsters

I'll show you the stars and teach you how to reach them.

What is a Baby Naming

A Baby Naming or Name Giving Ceremony offers an alternative to the Christening service provided by the Church and provides a wonderful opportunity to welcome the arrival of your child and introduce them to your community of family and friends.

A Naming Day is usually held within baby's first year. 

Some families use baby's first birthday for the ceremony. Others follow European traditions and hold celebrations on the day of the year that is associated with the baby's given name.

Of course any day, any time and anywhere that suits your family is the best day.

Personalise Ceremonies

Is my role. 

- I can assist your with the planning.

- Can provide ideas to incorporate symbols such as candles and sand ceremonies. 



A limb has fallen from the family tree that says grieve not for me

Remember the best times, the laughter, the song, the good life I lived when I was strong

Funeral/Memorials/Life Celebrations/End Of Life Services

Funerals are grieving services, held in the presence of the deceased loved one within days of their passing. Funerals are traditional in format.

The Memorial is a personalised remembrance service held at a time after the funeral when emotions and confusion are less intense and overwhelming.

Celebration of Life services are designed as a celebration of the departed life rather than for grieving.

Both the Memorial and Celebration of Life services are important in the grieving process. They can be held anywhere. Can be a few hours, a day or a weekend.

End of Life Celebration - loved ones can gather to celebrate the life of a dying loved one before the time comes- its an ideal chance to say goodbye and begin the letting go. End of Life celebrations emphasizing the achievement of life rather than the disappointment of death.

Personalising Your Loved One's Service

Whatever service you choose to say farewell to your loved one, planning it at the time of your loss can be a emotional daunting and confusing process. I can take your vision to create and  deliver a personalised and rewarding service.

Pet Farewells

Pets lives are too short - their only fault really.

Pets come into our lives to teach us about love; they depart to teach us about loss. 

A new pet never replaces an old pet - it merely expands the heart.

If you have loved many pets, your heart is very big.

A Moment of Remebrance

They a members of our families. Sometimes for decades. 

This is a grief as any other. 

To take a short time out to acknowledge your grief, say thank you for the love and to provide closure, particularly to children is a valid and important emotional expression.